Homeschool Groups

The Texas Maritime Museum has lots of education resources available for both formal schools and homeschool groups. Check out our Educators Resource page for group tours and program plans.

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Introducing: Homeschool days at the Texas Maritime Museum

In response to community wishes, the Texas Maritime museum will offer classes for the growing number of homeschool students in the coastal bend. Classes are available for grades 1-8. Grades 1-4 will meet from 10am-Noon, and grades 5-8th from 1pm-3pm. Cost is $6 a child. Space is limited and reservations are required.

Come to the Texas Maritime Museum for Home School classes focusing in science, history and technology throughout the school year. Each class will include;

  • Lesson
  • Hands on game/activity
  • Take home craft
  • Tour of the Museum

For reservations please contact:

Katelin Koon



Fall Class Schedule

September 9: 6 Flags over Texas

Discover the story behind Texas, the six countries that have claimed our state, and how the Texas of today came to be.

October 14: Granular Materials

Find out about granular materials – large collections of small units, such as sand on the beach.

November 11: Colorful Light – Prisms and Filters

Explore how light reacts when filtered through different colors and the technology from prisms.

December 9: Designing for Disaster

Learn how we have engineered our cities and buildings to survive natural disasters such as hurricanes with a specific look at Galveston and the Seawall.