Texas Maritime Museum

Sabine Bank Lighthouse

Sabine Bank Lighthouse

Sabine Bank Lighthouse Constructed in 1906, the Sabine Bank Lighthouse (also frequently called 18 mile light) was erected to guide vessels navigating the challenging waters of the Sabine Bank, situated […]

Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse

The Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse in Port Lavaca, Texas Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse, a historic beacon in Port Lavaca, Texas, now stands proudly along Highway 35, welcoming travelers from the east. The […]

Ship’s Binnacle

Ship's Binnacle

What is a Ship’s Binnacle? The binnacle for navigation was not invented by a single individual, but its development and improvement occurred over time through various contributions. The concept of […]

The unbelievable career of Charles Rosendahl

Charles Rosendahl Vice Admiral

Charles was born in Chicago, but moved to Cleburne, Texas as a young child. In 1910 Rosendahl received an appointment to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis from the Cleburne […]

The Nocturnal, an Antique Navigational Tool

Nocturnal Navigational Tool | An Antique Tool Used In Navigation

The Nocturnal, an Antique Navigational Tool Similar to an astrolabe or a sundial clock, this nocturnal navigational tool, recovered from the wreck of the La Belle in 1996, was one […]

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