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Battle of Campeche

The Battle of Campeche

The Battle of Campeche The Battle of Campeche Bay was fought by the Texas Navy ships the Austin and the brig Wharton. On April 30, 1843, on a cruise off of the Yucatan, the Austin

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Sub Chasers Built in Rockport

Sub Chasers were built in Rockport, Texas Did you know that several Sub Chasers were built in Rockport during World War II? During the early months of World War II, Rockport’s Westergard-Rice Brothers and Co

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Bolivar Point Lighthouse

Bolivar Point Lighthouse

The Bolivar Point Lighthouse The history of the Bolivar Point Lighthouse is a tale woven with threads of resilience, tragedy, and perseverance, spanning over a century of service and weathering storms both literal and figurative.

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Sailor's Valentines

Sailors’ Valentines: Tokens of Love

Sailor’s Valentines: A Token of Love Across the vast expanse of maritime history, sailors and their loved ones endured long separations. In the 19th century, a unique token of affection emerged, bridging the distance and

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